Hi! I'm Richard.

Currently a PhD student in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington (UW). Most recently an intern at Microsoft Research and a research scholar at X, the Moonshot Factory (formerly Google[x]) and Google Research. Check out some of the cool stuff I've worked on, and feel free to say hi :)

What's up?

2020.10.12... A year in Seattle has flown by! Year 2 at UW :)

2020.10.02... Finishing out an awesome (virtual) summer at Microsoft Research on the Ability team

2020.09.15... Had a surprisingly good time virtually attending Ubicomp/ISWC despite not being in Cancun

2019.09.18... Start of my UW career!!

2019.09.08... In London for Ubicomp/ISWC as a student volunteer

2019.08.16... Quick trip to Seattle

2019.08.13... Hiked up Half Dome at Yosemite to (almost) close out the summer, one more week

2019.05.13... One week until I start my internship at Google [X]!

2019.05.03... End of my last semester at Georgia Tech... ISWC paper submitted

2019.04.15... I've decided to move to the University of Washington for the rest of my PhD!

2019.03.11... First time in Paris (and Europe)! Presenting Tongueboard

2019.02.04... Paper accepted at Augmented Human

2019.01.03... Awarded a Siemens Futuremaker Fellowship (declined)

2019.01.01... New website is up, hope to keep this microblog going

2018.10.08... Presenting ScratchVR and Buccal at Ubicomp/ISWC in Singapore!

2018.09.10... Back to Atlanta for round 3 (PhD) at Georgia Tech

2018.06.03... Excited to be interning at Google Research in Mountain View working on wearables

2018.05.04... Graduating masters of computer science from Georgia Tech


My research interests lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and human-computer interaction, materializing in the form of wearable and ubiquitous computers. I work with James Fogarty and Shwetak Patel (in the Ubicomp Lab) among many other amazing collaborators at the University of Washington on a variety of topics ranging from mobile health applications to novel user interfaces.

Optical Gaze Tracking with Spatially-Sparse Single-Pixel Detectors

Richard Li*, Eric Whitmire*, Michael Stengel, Ben Boudaoud, Jan Kautz, David Luebke, Shwetak Patel, and Kaan Akşit

TongueBoard: An Oral Interface for Subtle Input

Richard Li, Jason Wu, Thad Starner

Wristwash: Towards Automatic Handwashing Assessment using a Wrist-Worn Device

Hong Li, Shishir Chawla, Richard Li, Sumeet Jain, Gregory D. Abowd, Thad Starner, Cheng Zhang, Thomas Ploetz

EarBit: Using Wearable Sensors to Detect Eating Episodes in Unconstrained Environments

Abdelkareem Bedri, Richard Li, Malcolm Haynes, Raj Prateek Kosaraju, Ishaan Grover, Temiloluwa Prioleau, Min Yan Beh, Mayank Goel, Thad Starner, and Gregory Abowd

Tactile Teacher: Enhancing Traditional Piano Lessons with Tactile Instructions

Richard Li, Yingyan Wang, Chih-Pin Hsiao, Nicholas Davis, James Hallam, and Ellen Do